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UW Medicine
South Lake Union Campus

University of Washington

Street Address: 850 Republican Street
Seattle, WA 98109-4725

Campus Address: Box 358050
Seattle, WA 98195-8050

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UW Medicine's newly expanded biotechnology and medical research hub in the South Lake Union (SLU) area of Seattle has grown to include two new lab buildings in addition to the Rosen and Brotman Buildings, as well as an administration building that houses computational lab space and meeting venues. Now housing over 600 scientists, the SLU complex is cutting-edge in researching the areas of biologic imaging, biomarkers, cancer vaccines, diabetes, heart regeneration, inflammation, microbiology, mitochondria and metabolism, and proteomics. These areas of endeavor are supported by biomedical research centers that cross organizational and disciplinary lines.

Multiple specialized centers with faculty members drawn from across disciplines are located at SLU. These may be accessed by selecting the Centers tab (above left). All centers and institutes are examples of a new paradigm in biomedical research at the University of Washington, attempting to solve particular problems without being constrained by departments or disciplines.

"South Lake Union is key to UW Medicine's ability to lead a significant portion of the nation's biomedical research enterprise well into the 21st Century," says Dr. Paul Ramsey, Dean of the UW School of Medicine and Vice President for Medical Affairs. "The opportunities for research collaboration across organizational and disciplinary lines are already enormous here, and the future holds much promise for UW Medicine to develop new interdisciplinary initiatives."

Various resources within the site support these research efforts and include high end imaging and analysis facilities. Guidance in the translation of ideas from research to clinical adoption is provided by an innovative Institute of Translational Health Sciences.

Environmentally Responsible and Award Winning Design
Green design is a hallmark of the University's South Lake Union campus. The SLU complex is described as a sustainable, eco-friendly facility that provides a healthier environment for employees. The buildings include many sustainable, high-performance features such as a highly efficient chilled beam radiant cooling system, significant natural day-lighting supplemented by automated lighting control systems in laboratory areas, and exterior sun shades that limit solar gain, further reducing energy use. Sustainably harvested wood decking and low water use vegetation complete the design.

These solutions incorporated into the site continue to garner design awards, including a 2009 American Institute of Architects Washington Council Civic Design Award. The council praised the buildings' transparency, ".which allows for a connection to the environment and vibrant natural light." The jury further commended the design for its, ".seamless integration of community purpose with beautiful architecture."