Centers / Diabetes & Obesity Center of Excellence

Because of dramatic increases in their prevalence, diabetes and obesity have become among the most common and costly health problems in the U.S. and other developed countries. The Diabetes & Obesity Center of Excellence seeks to advance understanding of the causes and consequences of diabetes, obesity and related metabolic and cardiovascular disorders, and to identify new approaches to their treatment.

To meet these goals, our Center:
      - Creates an optimal environment for the performance of state-of-the-art basic and
         translational research.
      - Unites a critical mass of investigators with varied but complementary expertise to
         collaboratively address critical research questions.
      - Provides core research support services that enhance the research capabilities of
         investigators both within and outside of the Center.
      - Builds a network of investigators that cuts across departments, schools and disciplines
         to design and conduct research that creates new possibilities for diagnosis and
      - Trains the next generation of scientists in the field.

The Center draws upon the expertise of a wide range of investigators with complementary interests in diabetes, obesity, inflammation, lipid metabolism and atherosclerosis. Members of the Center's faculty conduct both basic research to clarify the mechanisms causing diabetes and obesity and their consequences, and translational research to transform their research findings into clinical solutions.

For additional information on the research being conducted at the Diabetes & Obesity Center of Excellence, please see our website.