Labs / Disis - Tumor Vaccine Group

The Tumor Vaccine Group is a multidisciplinary group of investigators focused on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of cancer with novel, immune-based therapies. Involving scientists, doctors, nurses, and patients, our translational research works to bring the most innovative treatments from the bench to the bedside and to harmonize scientific study with patient care. Cancer immunology is an extremely new and exciting field. Scientists and research physicians are constantly gaining greater understanding about the way the immune system interacts with cancer. They are discovering and developing new, immune-based treatments that are now becoming standard of care in addition to surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. These treatments impact everyone who is affected by cancer - from families and organizations in the local community to researchers and patients throughout the world. We invite you to explore the work that we are doing, through scientific research and clinical trials, to further cancer's diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.