Labs / Murry Laboratory

Welcome to the Murry Lab Web Page. Our lab studies the biology of myocardial infarction (heart attacks), and in particular, how the heart heals after infarction. We are interested in discovering the cells and molecules that normally regulate infarct repair and in developing new strategies to prevent the onset of heart failure after infarction. In recent years, we have become particularly interested in harnessing the potential of adult and embryonic stem cells to regenerate cardiac muscle and the coronary circulation.

Current Research

We are a multidisciplinary group. This stems from the belief that, if one is to study something as complex as a human disease, it is best approached from the widest possible array of approaches. Hence, work in the lab ranges from basic cell and molecular biology, to animal models of disease, to studies of human tissues.

  1. Molecular control of intracellular signaling
  2. Adult Stem Cells
  3. Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells
  4. Human Embryonic Stem Cells
    1. Cell Transplantation Work
    2. Analysis of Cell Proliferation
    3. Geron Corp.
    4. WiCell
  5. Basic mechanisms of infarct repair
  6. Chimerism in Human Hearts