Labs / Proteomics Lab

Proteomics Resource University of Washington @ South Lake Union
815 Mercer Street
Seattle, WA 98109-4714

The Proteomics Resource is a proteomics facility whose mission is to provide the resources to foster novel proteomics research at the University of Washington.

About Us

The Proteomics Resource is located at 815 Mercer Street at the UW's South Lake Union Campus. We are housed in the former Washington Natural Gas "blue flame" building, named after the rotating neon sign of a gas burner that has since been removed.

Our current focus is to provide mass spectrometry resources and computational support for the greater UW research community and their extended collaborators.

The Proteomics Resource is governed by a committee composed of Bob Waterson, Mike MacCoss, Dave Goodlett, Jay Heinecke, Trisha Davis, and Stan Fields. Collaborative projects are proposed, in the form of submitted abstracts, and will be vetted by committee members with the goal of supporting only the best science.