Labs / Vascular Imaging Lab

The Vascular Imaging Laboratory (VIL) at the University of Washington is comprised of a multi-disciplinary group of researchers who are dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge, education, and training in the fields of magnetic resonance imaging and vascular medicine. We provide innovative state-of-the-art imaging technology to the medical profession.

Mission Statement

The Vascular Imaging Lab is committed to advancing MRI technology to identify the underlying causes of cardiovascular disease initiation, progression, and complications.

BioMolecular Imaging Center (BMIC)

Mission Statement

The BioMolecular Imaging Center develops novel imaging techniques for anatomical, functional, tissue and molecular applications, such as spectroscopy, provides a full range of imaging services, and facilitates research for scientific and biomedical institutions throughout the Pacific Northwest. It aims to be a primary resource and a place where new collaborative research opportunities are established for the international scientific community.