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  • Eric is going to add a KP duty schedule. ek
  • Eric will make lab safety sign-up sheets.
  • Eric will update the pipetting description with how to measure e. coli size. ek
  • Eric will start a list of topics for posters and a ppt. template -- first and second homework.
  • Josh will send Eric Safety ppt. jb
  • Josh will start a lab prep schedule page. jb
  • Josh will order recombination lab supplies and Sybrsafe.
  • Josh will take Kevin and Fay on a trip to get gloves, plates, glassware, tubes, holders, etc. jb
  • Move out cabinet and bookshelf. jb,ek
  • Lab safety manual holder (office depot).
  • Put up additional whiteboard (Kevin will get mounting hardware), lab coat hooks. jb
  • Eric will make VALAP ek


  • Make 5L or so of Luria Broth [1] -- Fay and Kevin will make this. Put it in a big container that you buy at the chem shop and then autoclave.
  • Eric will figure out remaining scheduling issues.
  • Josh will make two overnight suspensions for lab 1: one K-12 and one K-12 with GFP.
  • We will make plates on Friday for lab 2.
  • Eric will rewrite (and then Josh will edit) lab two:
    • Day one: groups start overnight suspensions
    • Day two: measure growth curve