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Local Supply Shops

Main Vendors

UW has a deal with these two vendors: discounts on shipping and no single-source justification required, even for orders over $1000. We got a very good deal on the shaker-incubator this way.

VWR -- UW does not need a single source justification for VWR and gets free shipping.
Fisher Scientific -- UW does not need a single source justification for Fischer and gets free shipping.

Here is a list of some other vendors.

New England Biolabs
Carolina Biological Supplies
Coli Genetic Stock Center at Yale.

Equipment on Campus

Some on-campus user facilities and shared equipment services.

Real-Time PCR
MJ Research Chromo4 -- 96-well plate format ($5.00/run)
Plate Readers
Perkin-Elmer Victor3 V Plate Reader -- 1-1534-well plates ($5.00/1st plate read + $0.10/additional reads during the same use + $5.00/hour after the first 30 minutes)

Equipment Wish List

Equipment list with options for BioCircuits and related experiments.

  • Equipment
Fluorescence Microscope
Nikon BioStation IM
Nikon TE2000
Nikon TS 100F
Carl Zeiss AxioVert 40 -- $13,227.00 (Carl Zeiss)
Real-Time PCR
Bio-Rad iQ5 - $37,500.00 (Bio-Rad)
Bio-Rad Chromo4 - $32,000.00 (Bio-Rad)
Bio-Rad MyiQ - $23,500.00 (Bio-Rad)
Roche LightCycler 480 -- ?
Plate Reader (accomodate gene chip?)
Molecular Devices SpectraMax M2e - ?
Turner BioSystems Modulus Microplate - $16,060
used plate readers [html]
plate washers?
Regfrigerated Centrifuge
Eppendorf Refrigerated Centrifuge Model 5810R - $7,720 (Daigger)
Accessories: Swing-bucket Rotor, 4 x 100 mL + Bucket, 2 x 50 mL conical for 4 x 100 mL rotor + Adapter, 4 x 15 mL conical + Fixed angle rotor 30 x 1.5-2.0 mL - $3,217 (Daigger)
Beckman Coulter Microfuge® 22R Refrigerated Microcentrifuge - ?
Electroporation Transfection
Digital-Bio [1] - $22,000
need equipment for yeast studies?
  • Supplies
Greiner Bio-One 96 Well Half-Area Microplates
Epicentre TAQXpedite™ GREEN Real-Time PCR MasterMix -- for fast real-time PCR
Qiagen Plasmid Maxi Kits -- for ultrafast purification of up to 750 µg Molecular Biology Grade plasmid or cosmid DNA for standard applications