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Why Such a Strange way to Schedule a Meeting?

We professors (and many other in the working world who run labs, departments, companies, groups) spend silly amounts of time scheduling meetings. The number of emails that can go back and forth just so you and I and maybe one other person can meet is around five on average. Too much! So I am come to the simple conclusion that for most people, I will simply let them edit my calendar directly! Crazy!

About Eric's Calendars

To that end, I have two Google calendars, one for me and one for meetings with you and me.

1) My main calendar filled with events that I have scheduled and only I can edit is here. You can also find it by adding the Google calendar with id klavins --AT-- Please do not send invitations to this calendar.
2) My "Meetings Scheduled by Others" calendar is here. You can also find it by adding the Google calendar with id Please send your invitations to this calendar.

Scheduling a Meeting

To Schedule

a) Add both of the above calendars to your Google calendar and click them so they show up (you can hide them later)
b) Find a time that I look free in both calendars. Note that I am typically on campus 8:30am to 5:30pm, M-F. Put your name and the subject of the meeting (e.g. Jane Doe : Question about EE 101).
c) To schedule a meeting with me, you need to click CREATE, fill in the details, and then add the id for my "Meetings Scheduled by Others" calendar (see above) to the "guests" field (do not add my other calendar to the guests field).


d) If you have a question about a class, please try to get similarly questioning classmates to join you. If you see that a meeting is about a class you are taking, feel free to join in.
e) Please don't schedule more than one meeting per week unless I tell you it is okay to do so.
f) Please don't leave me with little fragments of 30 minute slots to fill. Also, let me have time for lunch.
g) I reserve the right to cancel or ask you to move any meeting you schedule. I will try to do so 24 hours in advance.

Doodle Polls

Since you have access to my calendars you are welcome to fill out Doodle polls for me! I would prefer it, in fact. Once you know when the meeting should be, go ahead and add it.