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Control Capstone

  • Instructor: Eric Klavins
  • Teaching Assistant: Charles Matlack
  • Lecture Hours: MWF 1030a-1130a
  • Place: Gugg 204
  • Grading


  • Group 1 : Forest Fire Camera: Ramses Alcaide, John Thompson, and Adrian Haruta
  • Group 2 : Formation Flying Blimps : Matthew Walker, Margaret Wintermute, Kyle Odland, Linh Bui, Beth Boardman
  • Group 3 : Quadrotor : Justin Palm, Andrew Bradford, Andrew Nelson
  • Group 4 : Factory Floor Robots : Richard Wood, Stefan Kristjansson, Andrew Lawrence
  • Group 5 : Cable Drive Winding Robot : Kiran Thomas, Imam Tjung
  • Group 6 : Plate Reader Turbidostat : Max Holloway, Evan Drevskracht, Peter Harker

Final Demo Schedule

Please fill in a 1-hour time slot for your demo during finals week and between 10am and 5pm. Additionally, each student needs to attend one other team's demo. To avoid congestion, sign up in advance for this as well, and use common sense if many people are signing up for the same demos.

Off-limit times: M 10:30-11:30, 1:30-2:30; T 10:30-11:30, 4:00-5:00; W 11:30-12:30, 3:30-4:30; F 9:30-12:30

TeamDemo DayDemo TimeDemo LocationClassmates attending
1: Thermal CameraF Prof will be gone till friday unfortunately 3:30 Winkenwerder 105 Kiran Thomas
2: Formation BlimpsF1:30DSSL (Gugg 315)Andy Bradford, Evan Dreveskracht
3: QuadrotorF12:30pmDSSL Lab (AA 315) Kyle Odland, John Thomson
4: Factory Floor RobotsThursday2:00pmSOS Lab, RM 359Justin Palm
Andrew Nelson
Max Holloway
5: Cable-winding ControlF2:30pmEE 461
6: TurbidostatTh4pmSOS Lab, EE LB 052Richard Wood
Andrew Lawrence, Stefan Kristjansson


WebQ Survey -- Do this by 1159p Tuesday, March 30!

1 MW: Choose projects and form groups
F: Meet with groups 1-3, CSE 236
Project Ideas
2 M: Meet with groups 4-6, CSE 236

W: Presentations groups 2,3,5
F: Presentations groups 1,4,6

Due Friday: MS1: Project Description and Plan of Work
MS1 Description
3 M: System Modeling

W: Project Management

F: Meet with groups 4-6, CSE 236
4 M: Meet with groups 1-3, CSE 236

W: Presentations, groups 1,4,6
F: Presentations, groups 2,3,5
Due Friday: MS2: System Model

MS2 Description
5 M, W: State Space Controller Design
F: No class: Meet with your groups + office hours 1030-1130
Simulink Model]
6 No class on 5/3. Go to The NAE Meeting instead!

W: Presentations, Groups 3,5,2
F: Presentations, Groups 4,6, 1

Due Friday: MS3: Controller Design
MS3 Description
7 5/10: Survey

5/12: Group 4 presentation plus estimation theory

5/14: Individual meetings: 1,4,6

5/17: Individual meetings: 2,3,5
5/19:Presentations: 4,5,1

5/21: Presentatons: 3,5,2, Due: MS4: Controller Implementation / Hardware / Software
MS4 Description
9 M: Software implementation

W: Filters and course evaluations

F: Office Hours at EEB453

M: Memorial Day: No class

W-F: No lecture => work on your projects!
11 M (830a-1030a): MS5: Final presentations

All week: Lab visits (schedule TBA)

F: Final reports due
MS5 Description
Example Report