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Klavins Lab News

  • SOSLab is looking for new postdocs and Ph.D. students.
  • Alpha testers for the gro Programming Language needed! You can make your simulated bacterial micro-colonies grow into interesting shapes!
  • UW's 2011 iGEM team wins the Americas. Congratulations go especially to Justin Siegel (Baker Lab), Ingrid Swanson (Miller Lab), and Robert Egbert (Klavins Lab) who organized iGEM: recruiting students, getting funding, advising the team, etc. (10/2011)
  • [[Users:Shaw|Fayette Shaw] successfully defends her Ph.D. thesis! Congratulations Fay! (10/2011)
  • Slides for Eric's DNA 17 Tutorial on stochastic biochemical systems are available here. (9/2011)
  • We have a new grant to study pattern formation in bacteria: Harnessing Intercellular Signaling to Engineer Pattern Formation (with Jeff Tabor, Ben Kerr, Oleg Igoshin, and Georg Seelig), NSF. (8/2011)
  • We have a new paper on implementing control systems with molcules: K. Oishi and E. Klavins, A biomolecular implementation of linear I/O systems, IET Systems Biology, July 2011, vol 5, no. 4, p.252–260. url. (7/2011)

Keywords: Control; Synthetic Biology; Robotics; Verification; Engineering; Self Assembly; Feedback.