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  • Sonia Singhal (Kerr Lab) and Rob Egbert made a cool movie of E. coli exposed to a burst of ampicillin in our ONIX system. The CellAsic company has put it on there web page here. Click on "Antibiotic Burst". Poor little cells. (8/2012)
  • New paper: A synthetic approach reveals extensive tunability of auxin signaling. (7/2012)
  • The first paper on gro is accepted to ACS Synthetic Biology. (7/2012)
  • Robert Egbert successfully defends his thesis! Congratulations Rob! (7/2012)
  • Josh Bishop successfully defends his thesis! Congratulations Josh! (5/2012)
  • Check out some of the gro simulations made by undergrad students in our Introduction to Synthetic Biology course on youtube. By the way, congratulations to Rehana Rodrigues who was voted to have the best simulation by the class! (12/2011)
  • UW's first workshop on synthetic biology will be held Jan. 9. (12/2011)
  • UW's iGEM Team wins the Grand Prize at the 2011 iGEM Jamboree. Congratulations to all the students and advisors who showed that UW has the best synthetic biology students in the world! (11/2011)
  • Old News

Keywords: Control; Synthetic Biology; Robotics; Verification; Engineering; Self Assembly; Feedback.