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  • Sonia Singhal (Kerr Lab) and Rob Egbert made a cool movie of E. coli exposed to a burst of ampicillin in our ONIX system. The CellAsic company has put it on there web page here. Click on "Antibiotic Burst". Poor little cells. (8/2012)
  • New paper: A synthetic approach reveals extensive tunability of auxin signaling. (7/2012)
  • The first paper on gro is accepts to ACS Synthetic Biology. (7/2012)
  • Robert Egbert successfully defends his thesis! Congratulations Rob! (7/2012)
  • Josh Bishop successfully defends his thesis! Congratulations Josh! (5/2012)
  • Check out some of the gro simulations made by undergrad students in our Introduction to Synthetic Biology course on youtube. By the way, congratulations to Rehana Rodrigues who was voted to have the best simulation by the class! (12/2011)
  • UW's first workshop on synthetic biology will be held Jan. 9. (12/2011)
  • UW's iGEM Team wins the Grand Prize at the 2011 iGEM Jamboree. Congratulations to all the students and advisors who showed that UW has the best synthetic biology students in the world! (11/2011)
  • Alpha testers for the gro Programming Language needed! You can make your simulated bacterial micro-colonies grow into interesting shapes! (10/2011)
  • Fayette Shaw successfully defends her Ph.D. thesis! Congratulations Fay! (10/2011)
  • Slides for Eric's DNA 17 Tutorial on stochastic biochemical systems are available here. (9/2011)
  • We have a new grant to study pattern formation in bacteria: Harnessing Intercellular Signaling to Engineer Pattern Formation (with Jeff Tabor, Ben Kerr, Oleg Igoshin, and Georg Seelig), NSF. (8/2011)
  • We have a new paper on implementing control systems with molcules: K. Oishi and E. Klavins, A biomolecular implementation of linear I/O systems, IET Systems Biology, July 2011, vol 5, no. 4, p.252–260. url. (7/2011)
  • Josh Bishop passed his General Exam! Congratulations Josh! (5/2011)
  • The 2011 Molecular Programming Project Workshop will be held Jun 16-18 at Friday Harbor.
  • Dr. Napp
    Dr. Napp
    Nils Napp has received his Ph.D. and is off to Harvard to be a postdoc! We'll miss you Nils! (1/2011)
  • Graduate students Shelly Jang and Chris Takahashi pass their qualifying exams. Congratulations! (11/2010)
  • Our auxin synthetic biology project, in collaboration with the Jennifer Nemhauser, has been funded by the Allen Foundation! (11/2010)
  • UW's 2010 iGEM gets gold again, plus ties in the best health and medicine category. (11/2010)
  • New grant from the National Science Foundation: Estimation & Observation of Stochastic Biochemical Networks. Congratulations to co-PI David Thorsley, on whose research this grant is based. (6/2010)
  • NAKFI has awarded the participants in the robustness subgroup a grant to form a competition to make the most robust synthetic biological systems. The contest is called CAGEN, for critical assessment of genetically engineered networks. (5/2010)
  • UW's iGEM team goes to Cambridge and brings back a gold medal. Congratulations! University Week Article, Daily Article. (11/2009)
  • The SOSLab 2009 Retreat was October 3, 2009. Kevin Oishi wins best presentation!
  • The 2nd Workshop on Stochasticity in Biochemical Reaction Networks will be held in Banff, Sept. 25-27, 2009.
  • UW's iGEM team goes to Cambridge and brings back a bronze medal. Congratulations! (11/2008)
  • Caltech and UW are awarded $10M from the National Science Foundation for the Molecular Programming Project! Read the press release or visit the MPP website. (9/2008)
  • J. M. McNew successfully defends his thesis on Nondeterministic Modeling and Verification of Networked Robotics Systems to become the SOSLab's first graduated Ph.D. Congratulations J.M.! (8/2008)
  • SOSLab postdoc David Thorsley awarded best presentation in session for both of his American Control Conference papers presented June 11, 2008 in Seattle, WA. Congratulations David!
  • SOSLab awarded an "A. Richard Newton Breakthrough Research Award" from Microsoft to study stochastic processes inside single cells of genetically engineered bacteria. See David Thorsley's ACC 2008 Paper for the main idea. See also this obituary of A. Richard Newton, in whose honor these awards were given. (3/2008)
  • The Center for Molecular Cybernetics, an NSF Chemical Bonding Center dedicated to the study of single-molecule robots, launches its new web site (12/2007).
  • SOSLab PI Eric Klavins is co-PI in a new $2M NSF grant: EFRI-ARESCI: Controlling the Autonomously Reconfiguring Factory with MIT, Cornell and U. Penn. (8/2007)
  • Sam Burden has been awarded with a UW Research Fellowship for Advanced Undergraduates. Congratulations Sam! (8/2007)
  • The programmable parts appear on the cover of the August issue of Control Systems Magazine! (7/2007)
  • SOSLab graduate student Fay Shaw passes the ME qualifying exam. Congratulations Fay! (5/2007)
  • 3/2007: SOSLab graduate student J.M. McNew passes the EE general exam. Congratulations J.M.!
  • 3/2007: We are gradually moving all online content to a new wiki. Check it out. The BioCircuits course is the first big section.
  • 1/2007: We are developing a new course for Spring 2007: An Introduction to BioCircuits! Sign up!
  • 10/2006: Josh Bishop (with Fay Shaw and Eric Klavins) wins Best Poster in the UW Center for Nanotechnology's Poster Competition. The title: "Improved Repeatability of a DNA Nanomotor".
  • 9/2006: The latest videos of the programmable parts have been posted.
  • 4/2006: SOSLab gets visitors as part of the COE open house.
  • 2/2006: Chandy (Caltech), Doyle (Caltech), Klavins (UW), Murray (Caltech, PI) and Parrilo (MIT) receive MURI Award for their proposal: "High Confidence Design for Distributed Embedded Systems".
  • 2/2006: Eric goes to physical biology bootcamp at the Rob Phillips Lab.
  • 12/2005: SOSLab Undergrad Sam Burden wins Mary Gates Fellowship -- again.
  • 11/2005: SOSLab Graduate Students Josh Bishop and Nils Napp pass their qualifying exams! Congratulations!
  • 9/2005: SOSLab's programmable parts are featured at the NSF's Exhibition of U.S. Robotics Research.
  • 6/2005: SOSLab's 16-processor cluster is up and running (check usage) -- thanks to Richard Kreisberg.
  • 4/2005: SOSLab opens its doors to local K-12 students as part of UW Engineering's Open House. (See photos.)
  • 2/2005: SOSLab's "programmable parts" are self-assembling! (Read more.)
  • 1/2005: New grant: "DNA Machines" funded by UW's Royalty Research Fund.
  • 12/2004: SOSLab Undergrad Sam Burden wins Mary Gates Fellowship.