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Principal Investigator

Eric Klavins
Associate Professor
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To apply for a position as a postdoctoral scholar, please send a cover letter, your CV, and your most recent synthetic biology paper to k.l.a.v.i.n.s[at]u.w[dot]e.d.u.

Graduate Students

Tileli Amimeur
Electrical Engineering
Protocol Assimilation
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Nick Bolten
Electrical Engineering
Protocol Assimilation
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Leandra Brettner
Synthetic Division of Labor Circuits
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Miles Gander
Electrical Engineering
Auxin Synthetic Biology
S. Shelly Jang
Electrical Engineering
Model Identification & Refinement, and Parameter Estimation
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Kevin Oishi
Electrical Engineering
Technomimetic Synthetic Biology
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Sunny Rao
Electrical Engineering
Synthetic Biology Games
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Chris Takahashi
Electrical Engineering
Cheap continuous culture devices
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Yaoyu Yang
Electrical Engineering
Auxin Synthetic Biology
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David Younger
Bioengineering (co-advised by David Baker)
Chimeric Receptors
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Arjun Khakhar
Bioengineering rotation student
Synthetic Biology


Michelle Parks
Undergraduate Lab Assistant
Logan McColl
Undergraduate Lab Assistant
Biochemistry / Economics

Undergraduate Students

David Zong
Engineered Microbial Communities

Former Lab Members

Rob Egbert
Graduate student, 2008-2012. Postdoctoral Scholar, 2012-2013.
Synthetic Biology
Now a postdoc a Berkeley / LBNL
Kyle Havens
Postdoctoral Scholar, 2010-2013.
Synthetic Biology
Now at Pregenen.
Rahul Brito
B.S. Bioengineering, 2013
Synthetic Biology
Felix Ekness
B.S. Bioengineering, 2013
Continuous Culture Devices
Now a graduate student with Jeff Tabor's group at Rice
Josh Bishop
Ph.D. 2012
DNA Nanomachines, Biochemical Reaction Networks
Now a postdoc at the University of Washington
Tammy Gu
B.S. Bioengineering, University of Washington, 2012
Lab Assistant 2010-2012
Now at Nanostring
Fay Shaw
Ph.D. 2011
Now at Bitwise E-textiles and Playworks Studio
Nils Napp
Ph.D. 2011
more info
Now a postdoc at Harvard
Angelina Smith
Lab Assistant 2008-2010
Now at Inbios International
David Thorsley
Postdoc 2006-2010
Stochastic processes, discrete event systems
Now at Immumetrix
more info
Alex Leone
Junior, Physics, University of Washington
Robotic Self-Assembly, Synthetic Biology: Directed Evolution
Now at ExtraHop
Alec Nielsen (Joint with Nemhauser)
B.S. in BioE and CSE in 2010
Auxin Synthetic Biology
Now a graduate student at MIT
Brandi House
Masters Degree, 2009
Auxin Synthetic Biology
Now works at Bungie
Daniel Georgiev
Postdoc, 2007-2009
Biological set-point regulation, networked control systems
Now at University of West Bohemia
John-Michael McNew
Ph.D. 2008
Specification of Hybrid Networked Systems, Cooperative Control
Now at Toyota Research, more info
Sam Burden
B.S. in EE, 2008 Now a graduate student at U.C. Berkeley
Specification of Hybrid Networked Systems, Cooperative Control
Now a graduate student at U.C. Berkeley
Brian Wolfe
B.S. in EE, 2008
Synthetic Biology
Now a graduate student at Caltech

  • Crystal Flores (Masters in EE, 2006)
  • William Malone (Masters in EE, 2005)

Undergraduate Projects: Melissa Ho (Auxin Synthetic Biology); Margaret Odom (Auxin Synthetic Biology); Ken Lo (Turbidostat); Ernest Doeleman, Fedja Karalic, Yevgeniy Maksimenko, Alida Mendes (Turbidostat); Yi-Wei Li (Robotic Chemistry); Stephen Day (Fast, Cheap Thermocycler); Sheldon Rucker (Robotic Chemistry); Michael McCourt (Robotic Chemistry), Yeu-Tzer Chou, Pascal Clark (Piezoelectric Microscope Stage); Stephen Kreiger, Amanda Horike (Programmable Parts); Daniel Nevistic, Ashwini Pai, Chris Takahashi (Automated GelBox); Mun A. Shin (DNA Reactions); Tian Xia (Piezoelectric Microscope Stage).