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Group pic from Lab Retreat 2009

SOSLab Retreat 2009
Date: Saturday October 3, 2009
Time: 830a - 530p
Location: Note the Talris center (pictured left) but probably the Bill and Melinda Gates Commons (still negotiating)


I am not sure on the order or timing yet, but expect approximately the following talks. Feel free to edit your title. Eventually, I'll want an abstract for each talk.

  • 830a: Introduction and Overview of Lab Activities, Klavins
  • 900a: Feedback Regulated Transcriptional Switch, Bishop
  • 930a: Tuning Gene Expression using Simple Sequence Repeats, Egbert
  • 1000a: Break
  • 1030a: Agreement on Stochastic Multi-Robot Systems with Communication Failures, Shaw
  • 1100a: Linear Matrix Inequality Approach to Disturbance Rejection in Systems with Saturating Actuators, Takahashi
  • 1130a: Control of Stochastic Robotic Systems, Napp
  • 1200p: Lunch
  • 100p: Parameter Estimation of Stochastic Nonlinear Dynamic Processes using Multiple Experimental Data Sets, Jang
  • 130p: Directed Evolution with a Turbidostat, Leone, Fisher and Lo
  • 200p: Programming with Nucleic Acids, Olsen and Strovas
  • 230p: Auxin Synthetic Biology, House
  • 300: Break and group photo
  • 330p: Chemical I/O Systems, Oishi
  • 400p: Convex Optimization and Rank Minimzation, Fazel
  • 430p: Observers for the CME, Thorsley
  • 500p: Discussion and future directions

Best Presentation Award: Kevin Oishi!!!!

There will be an award for best student presentation. All attendees with PhDs will be judges. Criteria for the award are:

  • Novelty and creativity of the ideas presented
  • Quality of experimental and theoretical results
  • Clarity of presentation
  • That je ne sais quoi that makes a talk over-the-top amazing