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Assignment 1 : Due Oct. 5 in Class

Note: You may consult with other students when devising strategies to solve the homework, but the work you turn in must be your own.

  1. Based on Wednesday's reading, answer the following. (a) Describe one potential clinical application of synthetic biology that was described. (b) Describe potential biofuel: what kind of fuel, and why is it hard to produce with engineered cells? (c) Describe one way the authors suggest that synthetic biology should be regulated and why or why not this should be done.
  2. Download and install gro and read the tutorial on the documentation page. Starting with the examples/growth.gro program, come up with a way to make a plot of the total volume summed over all cells as a function of time. Turn in the plot and the code/method you used to generate the plot. (Note: You will have to output the data from gro, probably using the print() function, and save it in a .csv file - or whatever format you like. Then you will need to use your favorite software to plot the data. go does not plot data for you. )
  3. The simple growth.gro program does not take nutrients into account. Figure out a way to do this, and limit the amount of nutrients in the simulation to make the population level off at approximately 250 cells. Make a plot of the total volume over all cells versus time. Turn in the plot and the code/method you used to generate the plot. Hint: use a global variable.