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Projects: Due 12/16 at noon. 5xx students only!


Reports should be in PDF format, 1.5 spaced, 12 pt font, 1 in margins, helvetica headings, times main text. Short and sweet is preferred. Definitely not greater than 10 pages for the main text. Figures should be clear, with no smaller than 9 pt font, numbered, and having complete captions. Figures should span the page width (not including margins) and be placed at the top of the page on which they appear.


Project reports should consist of the following sections

  • Introduction: Describe the general problem area, motivate the specific problem you are studying. Describe related work and how it compares or contrasts with your work. Finally, describe at a high level what you did for the project in precise terms in a paragraph starting with "The specific contributions of this work are..."
  • Results: You should have a section for most of the following: design, model, specification, simulation, experimental plan, preliminary results. If your project uses genes or pathways, describe these elements and how you will get them, use, them, etc. For the experimental plan, describe how you will show that your design actually works. What specific metrics will you use? What controls will you run?
  • Conclusions: Summarize again what you did, and then describe what you would do next. If any interesting problems came up along the way, describe them and what you might do to explore them.
  • Bibliography: List the papers you refer to in the report. If possible, a hyperlink to the paper online should be included.

In addition, your report should include figures showing designs, simulations, etc. Each figure should include a well-written caption describing it.

You might also have an appendix with a code listing. If you have produced animations, please provide links to the animations.


Your presentation should have all of the elements listed above in presentation format. It is expected that you will still be working on your project when you present it, so consider it a time that you can explain your idea to the class, present preliminary data, models, or simulations, and get feedback on how to improve your project or the explanation of it.

4xx Reviews

Each 4xx student will review each presentation and send the review in email to Shelly, who will collect them all. The review should include (a) a description of the project in your own words and (b) ideas, questions, and/or comments about the project intended to help the 5xx student make it even more interesting or complete.