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Contact Information

Seunghee Shelly Jang
Graduate Student
University of Washington
Department of Electrical Engineering
Paul Allen Center, Room AE100R
Campus Box 352500
Seattle, WA 98195-2500
shellyj at uw dot edu
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Research Interests

System Identification, Synthetic and Systems Biology.

Current Research Project

  • Engineering time distributions in genetic regulatory networks : Genetic regulatory networks that meet the specifications of leader election, with maximum variance of completion time distribution are synthesized. The network candidates with varying architecture are modeled with chemical reaction network representation for analysis
  • Quantitative analysis of S. cerevisiae synthetic auxin signaling pathway : Applying input-output systems identifications method developed in engineering science to nonlinear biological systems to identify parsimonious mathematical representations of biological signaling pathway. The minimal representation allow quantitative comparisons of different protein families among one another.


  • H. Yu, B. Moss, S. S. Jang, M. Prigge, E. Klavins, J. Nemhauser, and M. Estelle. Mutations in the TIR1 Auxin Receptor That Increase Affinity for Auxin/Indole-3-Acetic Acid Proteins Result in Auxin Hypersensitivity. Plant Physiology, (2013) link
  • S. S. Jang, K. Oishi, R. Egbert and E. Klavins. Specification and simulation of synthetic multi-celled behaviors. Journal of American Chemical Society, (2012) ACS Synth. Biol. link
  • K. A. Havens*, J. M. Guseman*, S. S. Jang*, E. Pierre-Jerome*, N. Bolten, E. Klavins and J. L. Nemhauser. A synthetic approach reveals extensive tunability of auxin signaling. Plant Physiology, (2012) link. *The authors contributed equally to the paper.
  • S. S. Jang, and R. B. Gopaluni. Parameter estimation in nonlinear chemical and biological processes with unmeasured variables from small data sets. Chemical Engineering Science, (2011) link.
  • S. S. Jang, H. De La Hoz, A. Ben-Zvi, W. C. McCaffrey, and R. B. Gopaluni. Parameter estimation in models with hidden variables : An application to a biotech process. Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, (2011) link.
  • S. S. Jang, H. De La Hoz, A. Ben-Zvi, and R. B. Gopaluni. Parameter Estimation using Scarce and Irregular data from Multiple Experiments. Proceedings of Advanced Control in Industrial Process, 2008.