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(Zany Biotech Music Videos)
(Zany Biotech Music Videos)
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* [ BioRad PCR]
* [ BioRad PCR]
* [ We are the world PCR]
* [ We are the world PCR]
* [ QIAcube]

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Eric Klavins
Assistant Professor
Electrical Engineering
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195
(206) 616-1743

Research Interests

Control systems, computer science, robotics, nanotechnology, systems biology and synthetic biology.

Curriculum Vitae.
Biographical Information
Information for prospective students

UW Affiliations

Systems Science at the University of Washington
The Experimental Computer Engineering Lab (ExCel)
Electrical Engineering (Primary Appointment)
Computer Science and Engineering (Adjunct)
Mechanical Engineering (Adjunct)
Center for Nanotechnology

Zany Biotech Music Videos