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Eric Klavins
Assistant Professor
Electrical Engineering
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195
(206) 616-1743

Research Interests

Self organizing systems, concurrency, distributed algorithms, robotics, molecules and control theory.

Web Page

BioCircuits Log

  • 1/25: Today we plated up some K-25 from a slant and stuck the plates in the incubator. Josh and I made lame petri dishes with lumpy agar. Ranjana's was, of course, perfect. We discovered that we don't have much of what we need for the next step, in particular a shaker-incubator. So we spent most of the time figuring scoping out and ordering equipment. Later in the day, I order the shaker-incubator, a water bath, another set of pipettors and two more owl gel boxes.
  • 1/26: We took the plates out of the incubator and put them in the refrigerator that we inherited with a bunch of possibly abandoned stuff in it. The frig doesn't smell very good. We will need to figure out how to dispose of everything and then clean the frig really well. Josh and I also perused the biobricks wiki and dreamed of the possibilities. It looks like there will be more equipment that weneed if we want to do anything beyond what is in our textbook. Sigh. In for a penny in for a pound, I suppose.
  • 2/1: We transfer plated e. coli to LB suspensions today. Our shaker incubator has not arrived yet, so we had to "invent" something: a vortexer with a styrofoam tub holder taped to the top -- all stuck into an incubator.
    It is a little too vigourous. I hope it holds up for the next 20 hours. This is definitely not a long term solution! We also visited the chem-shop for supplies: test-tube racks, foil and pens. The new water-bath and another set of pippetors showed up too.