2005 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Showcase

2:30-5:00 p.m., April 19, 2005
Mary Gates Commons

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A Scholarly Approach to Developing Resources for Engineering Educators

Matt Elliot & Jennifer Turns, Technical Communication

Much of the scholarship of teaching and learning literature is focused on instructors and their interaction with students. Sometimes, however, it is useful to look at a larger perspective, to see how faculty interact with guidelines that may come from their department, college, or the UW itself; how they interact with peers, with funding agencies, professional organizations; and how they understand the many needs of their students. This complex web of forces can directly influence how faculty approach teaching and other student-related tasks.

To better understand the many forces acting on faculty at the UW, we have been interviewing an instructional developer after consultations with individual faculty in the College of Engineering as well as teaching-related groups on the UW campus. We debriefed the instructional developer by asking her to recount the flow of the consultation, followed by clarifying and probing questions. All faculty involved in this study agreed to participate via an informed consent process. Further measures were taken to ensure the anonymity of all concerned. While we are still analyzing the data, we are already seeing the complex web of responsibilities and concerns that engineering faculty are regularly faced with and how faculty must balance these in the course of their daily lives. This data is also going to be used to create an online resource for engineering educators and the instructional developers that support them.

This poster session will describe the goals of the study, the issues we faced in gathering and analyzing the data, and our plans for building a web site to support the concerns of engineering educators here on campus.

Poster Session, 4:00-5:00 p.m.