2005 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Showcase

2:30-5:00 p.m., April 19, 2005
Mary Gates Commons

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Promoting Knowledge Integration with Engineering Portfolios

Steve Lappenbusch & Jennifer Turns, Technical Communication

Our work focuses on using portfolios as a learning intervention in engineering education. The studies we do attempt to show the impact of constructing a portfolio on engineering learning at the undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate level. We are conducting several ongoing studies with engineering students, engineers, and current and future engineering faculty. Our studies include investigations of doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows developing teaching portfolios and undergraduates developing either professional or course-based portfolios.

For advanced engineers, we developed an eight week curriculum (Engineering Teaching Portfolio Program) guiding peer-led groups of engineering graduate students and post-docs through creating a teaching portfolio that may be used in faculty job searches. This past year we expanded engineering teaching portfolio use based on ETPP-developed materials. On the UW campus, we will offer another ETPP for Summer Quarter 2005. We are helping the Minority Science and Engineering Program (MSEP), a College of Engineering recruitment and retention program, offer a four week teaching portfolio curriculum tailored for upper level undergraduates who teach problem solving workshops to beginning engineering students. Also, The University of Florida – Gainesville College of Engineering has adopted our program and is currently offering it through their student chapter of the Society of Women Engineers.

In our studies of undergraduates we have created a professional portfolio curriculum that has been adopted by the Technical Communication department as their senior capstone design experience. In an effort to expand our research of learning to more traditional engineering fields, an Engineering Professional Portfolio seminar course will be offered Spring Quarter 2005, which will also serve as a way to investigate the impact of professional portfolio creation on engineering undergraduates. Finally, we are also currently preparing to study mechanical engineering undergraduates as they create their own course-based portfolios in Spring Quarter 2005.

Roundtable Discussion, 2:30-3:30 p.m.