2005 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Showcase

2:30-5:00 p.m., April 19, 2005
Mary Gates Commons

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Creating On-line Learning Communities

jenny williamson, Akira Horita, & Trez Buckland - Biobehavioral and Health Systems Nursing and UW Educational Outreach

The School of Nursing and the Department of Educational Outreach collaborate on a National Institute on Drug Abuse funded training grant. We designed and are piloting a three quarter long online series of courses leading to a certificate in the neurobiology of addiction to understand and meet the training needs of those in the field and provide education in an accessible format. We are also trying to find out ways to continue networking and professional sharing after the course is completed.

Our students come from varied fields: law and justice, mental health, chemical dependency, nursing, education, research, psychology. Their backgrounds are vastly different in terms of their understanding of the science of addiction.

We examine the effects of our teaching as follows: 1.) pre and post tests to determine the level of content knowledge they had at the beginning of each course and again at the end, 2.) weekly reflection assignments that allow students to demonstrate how well they can apply the knowledge they gain each week to real world situations in their work, 3.) weekly quizzes on the course material, 4.) demonstration of ability to use new resources received in class through weekly assignments 5.) opportunities for students to share their opinions about work in the field of addiction with their classmates and 6.) evaluation of each course so we can improve them.

We have learned through teaching this material online that it is critically important to nurture the development of online communities. Establishing rapport with the students and allowing the students to develop their relationships with one another cannot be understated in this type of practical application course where students are using the information in their jobs. We have developed strategies to support this goal and allow students to continue collaboration after the course is completed.

Roundtable Discussion, 2:30-3:30 p.m.