2007 Teaching and Learning Symposium

2:30-4:30 p.m., April 24, 2007
HUB West Ballroom

Session Description


"The World in Motion" using animation to interest students in the arts and humanities

Phillip Thurtle (Comparative History of Ideas) and Stephanie Andrews (DxArts)


This class studies animation to explore what it means to live in a world of constant change and transformation. It is a project based class designed to incorporate cutting edge technological expression with critical theoretical reflection. Students will learn by viewing a diverse selection of animated work, reading about how media informs our perceptions of time and space, and working on creative projects. They will finish the quarter with a piece of creative digital animation that develops the themes of the class in innovative directions. More specifically, students will ask: What does it mean to be animated? What techniques are used to create the illusionary gestures of animation? How do animation practices differ in different parts of the world? How has time-based media developed in the West? How can technology expand our perceptions about animation? As the course instructors, we are especially interested in the courses' ability to use practical engagement with technology to increase students engagement in highly theoretical questions.



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