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2007 UW Teaching and Learning Symposium

The 2007 UW Teaching and Learning Symposium is scheduled for Tuesday, April 24, 2:30-4:30 p.m. The Symposium will take place in the HUB West Ballroom, and will provide you with opportunities to interact with UW instructors who are actively engaged in examining teaching and learning in their disciplines.

The Symposium will open with a keynote address by Scott Freeman, UW Department of Biology, on the topic of "Using Data to Design (and Re-design) Courses." The keynote address will be followed by concurrent poster sessions featuring the work of 70 faculty and TAs, representing 32 different departments and programs:

Come and see what your colleagues have been discovering about teaching and learning!



2:30 p.m. - Symposium Opening and Keynote Address


Keynote Address

"Using Data to Design (and Re-design) Courses"

Scott Freeman, UW Department of Biology


What is the best course design to use in a large, introductory course in order to maximize learning and performance by all students?

Scott Freeman will present how he and a group of colleagues have used data from the research literature and from their own teaching to redesign Biology 180, a large gateway course for Biology majors, with the goal of increasing student learning and lowering the traditionally high failure rate in the course.

In his presentation, Scott will review

  • several contrasting course designs that have been tried in Biology 180,
  • why each course design was expected to improve student learning and success in the course, and
  • how the current design of the course has been informed by research and by data collected through previous offerings of the course

This study is part of a broader effort to evaluate the role of active learning in improving the quality of science education.



3:15-4:30 p.m. - Concurrent Poster Sessions

Posters Sessions are grouped into five areas:

  1. Experiential Learning
    Engaging students in learning through experience

  2. Learning Through Assessment
    Using assessment data to improve teaching and learning

  3. Extending Learning
    Using strategies or technologies that extend learning in different ways, or to different learners

  4. Course Re/Design
    Developing new courses or re-envisioning established courses

  5. Examining Teaching
    Exploring how we think and make decisions about teaching

You can also preview sessions by going to the presenter index or the department index.



Experiential Learning


Learning Through Assessment


Extending Learning


Course Re/Design


Examining Teaching


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The Teaching and Learning Symposium is hosted by by the Faculty Council on Instructional Quality, the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Forum, the Teaching Academy, the Center for Engineering Learning and Teaching, and the Center for Instructional Development and Research.


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