2008 Teaching and Learning Symposium

2:30-4:30 p.m., May 6, 2008
HUB Ballroom

Session Description



Dance Major Learning Goals: The Circuitous Path from Curriculum to Assessment

Betsy Cooper and Kory Perigo - Dance

In 2004, the Dance Program—in collaboration with Office of Educational Assessment—began to devise a strategy for developing Learning Goals for the Dance Major. This pilot project, funded by the College of Arts & Sciences, aimed to: 1) convey concrete objectives for Dance Majors so that they could increase their learning potentials, and 2) develop assessment methods to ensure that students were indeed learning what we claimed they should be learning. While it is understood that the University of Washington currently operates in a climate of learning accountability, it has been recognized that Student Learning Goals vary greatly across campus, due to the diversity of disciplines taught. The current mandate to develop departmental student learning objectives offers units the opportunity and the autonomy to generate goals based on their own disciplinary demands and departmental missions.

Since beginning the Dance Major Learning Goals project, we have discovered that this is by no means a linear journey. In this presentation, we will share the circuitous process that began with mapping the DMLG through the curriculum and discuss the steps taken to arrive at our current position—a reappraisal of departmental mission and values leading to the narrowing and consolidation of the DMLGs and the development and implementation of a senior seminar writing/reflection lab centered around the creation of dance major portfolios.



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