2008 Teaching and Learning Symposium

2:30-4:30 p.m., May 6, 2008
HUB Ballroom

Session Description



Leveraging UW Campus-Wide Resources to Enhance Student Engagement

Hanson Hosein, Gregory Koester, David Cox - Communications, Learning & Scholarly Technologies

The aim of COM597 Multimedia Storytelling is to produce a single, collaborative project, which will be distributed through social networks, user-generated content sites, film festivals and UW-supported content portals (UW TV, iTunesU, mobile).

There are 20 graduate students in a seminar-style course. Together, we will explore the traditional, timeless notion of storytelling in how it applies to the proliferation of digital media and digital distribution.

We will discover what it takes to conceive, develop, create and distribute a compelling multimedia story, while employing consumer-level technology (including inexpensive flash video cameras and off-the-shelf editing systems) to build a groundbreaking, engaging narrative that can potentially reach a worldwide audience.

In this course, the process is as important as the final product-- and is, in itself, deemed content worthy of study and distribution (through such devices as work-in-progress blogs, discussions about the technology, marketing the content while in production, etc.).

In an effort to enhance student engagement in the classroom, as well as extend the learning beyond the classroom, I leveraged many UW campus-wide resources from Catalyst, Classroom Support Services, UW Marketing, UW Technology, UW TV, as well as non-campus resources, Flip, Facebook, YouTube, and others.

Throughout the course, I surveyed students regularly on what was working, and what needed to be adjusted. We used Facebook and a class blog to communicate with each other and share technology advice, concerns, questions.

In the end, I learned that one quarter is not long enough to cover so much ground -- both technical and creative. In the future, I will spread this course over two quarters. Also, it's impossible to achieve consensus in such a large group on creative matters, especially story ideas. It makes more sense to deliver a concrete story idea to the students.



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