2009 Teaching and Learning Symposium

2:30-4:30 p.m., April 21, 2009
HUB Ballroom

Session Description



Learning New Media, New Methods in Cross-Cultural Research

Sam Yum (Anthropology, UW Bothell Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences)

Students are increasingly adept in their use of new digital information and tools, including high-speed computers, the internet, digital photography and video, CD- and DVD-ROMs, as well as cellular phones and multifunction handheld devices. And yet while students may display a certain ease in their personal use of technology, and some even in the management of their own coursework, they often have little occasion to apply or further their skills in the classroom beyond attaching images to texts or assembling slides on presentation day.

This session outlines a project designed to build on students' affinity with new media tools, to capitalize on expanding campus resources available, and to introduce them to a mode of cross-cultural inquiry owing to established and new forms of visual research. The project is itself an exploration of visual technologies in both "thinking" and "doing" cross-cultural research, just as the goal is producing an original visual ethnography.


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