What is the Resource Center?

The Resource Center for Student Organizations is a campus program at the University of Washington that aims to facilitate the diverse interests and activities of the numerous campus student organizations, known as Registered Student Organizations (RSOs). In other words, we’re here to provide student group the resoures it needs to function–computers, copying, promotional materials, advice on how to do what you need to do on campus (e.g. putting on events, promoting/tabling effectively, navigating the UW’s administrative processes etc.), and much more. We’re here for students who want to make a difference on campus.

Who can use the Resource Center?

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), meaning student groups who have registered themselves with the Student Activities Office (SAO) can utilize the Resource Center. We’re funded exclusively for student groups. This is NOT a place where you can come to print out your homework for free.

How do I register my group?

You can register your group by attending a Registration Session put on by the Student Activities Office. Orientations occur weekly during Autumn quarter, and less frequently during Winter and Spring quarters. The orientation takes about a half hour, and you’ll need one person from your group to go (more are welcome, but at least one is required). Groups must re-register every academic year. With registration comes various benefits, among them free access to the Resource Center.

How do I get an access code for my group to copy & print?

An access code is required in order to do any printing or copying in the Resource Center, and access codes are only granted to Registered Student Organizations (RSOs–see above on how to register your group). RETURNING GROUPS: If your group has been registered in previous years and has made copies here, that means your group has a code. We will only divulge your code to one of the five officers your group has listed on the SAO website. If no one in your group knows your code, you can ask a staffer and we will give it to you, so long as you are an officer and we can verify your ID via Husky card. What you do with your code is your business–you can let your entire group know it or you can restrict its use to the officers, but remember we will only give it out to officers. NEW GROUPS: If you have just registered, you’ll need to get a code from us to use the Center. Please stop by the Resource Center with your group name,  preferred password and Student ID card.  Visit us on weekdays between 9AM and 5 PM to set up a code in person.

Does it cost anything to use the Resource Center?

No! Well…not most of the time. Printing is free, checking out equipment is free, and we have a wide array of materials available to use. (paints, butcher paper etc.). The only time Registered Student Organizations will pay for anything is if equipment is lost or broken.

Where are you located????

Resource Center is located in the Husky Union Building HUB 111

Resource Center
4001 East Stevens Way NE
The HUB #111
Seattle, WA  98195

How many copies & prints can my group make?

Each RSO is allotted 5,000 copies/prints per academic year. Each print off of our large-format color printer costs 15 copies/prints per foot off of your group’s yearly limit. Every print off of our standard-format color printer costs 10 copies/prints off of your group’s yearly limit. Every black and white print or copy costs 1 copy/print off of your group’s yearly limit. Printing a double-sided copy costs 2 copies/prints (or 20 copies/prints off of the standard format color printer).

Click here for a copy of our print/copy policy!

What happens if my group goes over our 5000 prints per year limit?

When you reach or go over 5,000 copies the print code for the RSO will be locked out.

It is the responsibility of the RSO to maintain a count of prints and copies being used at Resource Center.

Create a  Google Doc to  maintain a spreed sheet. It’s a great way to keep track of RSO prints  and copy usage. A sample print tracking excel document is provided below. We recommend that you take this file and upload it to Google Documents, where you can share it with everyone who has access to your print code, so that they can add in their entries.

  • Click here for the print tracking spreadsheet.
  • Click here for a copy of our print/copy policy!
  • Click here for recommendations on how to conserve paper

Can you help my group do _____?

Probably! We try to help groups out in any way we can. Most of our staff are RSO members themselves, so we relate to the students that come into the Center. We can show you how to use programs like photoshop, help you use our equipment effectively, give you advice about putting on events and fundraising, and generally strive to be the best resource available to you at the U. In other words, if you come to us with a question, we’re going to do our best to find an answer for you.

Who runs the Resource Center? How are you funded?

The Resource Center is staffed by HUB full-time and student employees. We receive our funding through the Services & Activities Fee (SAF) Committee and periodically from the Student Technology Fee (STF).

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