Tips for UW Travelers

When making airline reservations, it is advantageous to use a state-contract travel agency and charge the airfare to the Dean’s Office Central Travel Account (CTA).  The airfare will then be paid directly on your budget.  Royalty Travel, Tangerine Travel, and Excelsior Travel are some of the agencies used by Dean’s Office staff.  The contact information for these agencies as well as two state-contract online agencies can be found here  If the agency you are using does not have our CTA card number, please ask them to contact me and I will provide payment information.  Also please ask your travel agent to send me a copy of your airfare receipt.


Other useful information about planning your trip and how to claim reimbursement for travel expenses can be found here  A how-to guide for using eTravel can be found here


Please feel free to email or call me anytime if you have questions or are still confused about how the travel planning and/or reimbursement process works.


– Laura Rutledge


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