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Research Area

Julie Bierer Cochlear implant psychophysics and physiology
Truman E. Coggins Language Development & Disorders
Patricia A. Dowden Augmentative & Alternative Communication
Tanya Eadie Adult & Pediatric Voice Disorders
Annette Estes Causes and Interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorders
Richard C. Folsom Pediatric Audiology; Auditory Evoked Potentials
Toshiaki Imada Cognitive Neuroimaging (MEG, fMRI)
Diane Kendall Models and theories of aphasia; Aphasia rehabilitation
Sara Kover Language Learning & Cognition in Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Patricia K. Kuhl Speech Perception
Ludo Max Sensorimotor control in normal speech and stuttering
Lesley B. Olswang Child Language Disorders; Clinical Processes
Kristie Spencer Motor Speech Disorders
Kelly L. Tremblay Adult audiology: Electrophysiology
Lynne A. Werner Infant Auditory Development