Postbaccalaureate Program
Introductory Coursework

While there are no coursework prerequisites to apply to the Postbaccalaureate (Postbac) program, we strongly advise students to complete the following “introductory” requirements in advance of entering the program. The coursework outlined below is required for our B.S. degree and a requirement of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) for certification in speech-language pathology and audiology. Students intending to pursue professional graduate study must complete this coursework prior to entering graduate school. (More information on certification requirements can be found on the ASHA website).

In most instances, Postbac students will have already completed most if not all of these undergraduate requirements in conjunction with their first bachelor’s degree. If students have not completed the requirements, however, courses can be taken at the UW while students are enrolled in the Postbac program. However, students will be charged additional tuition for courses taken outside of the SPHSC department. In this circumstance, we often recommend that students investigate less expensive courses at a community or junior college to meet the requirement, preferably before starting the Postbac program.

  1. University of Washington baccalaureate degree requirements. For the Bachelor of Science degree, all Postbac students must fulfill the UW College of Arts and Sciences graduation requirements, which include general education coursework related to “Areas of Knowledge”. Typically, coursework completed during a student’s first Bachelor degree program will fulfill this requirement. Each student will complete the Postbac Degree Program Requirements Worksheet with the department’s Undergraduate Advisor upon entering the program, to identify any Areas of Knowledge deficits.

  2. Out-of-department coursework requirements. All Postbacs are required to complete specific coursework outside the SPHSC department. See the Undergraduate Advisor for the approved list of courses.
    • Statistics Coursework
      Students must complete at least one 3 - 5 credit college-level Statistics course. Students cannot use any remedial, historical, or methodological statistics courses to meet this requirement (e.g., STAT 111). We recommend STAT 220 or EDPSY 490.

    • Biological Science Coursework
      Students must complete at least one 3 - 5 credit human- or animal-based biological science, anatomy and physiology, neuroanatomy and neurophysiology, human genetics, or veterinary science course. The course does not need a lab component. We recommend BIOL118, Survey of Anatomy & Physiology, or any introductory course in human or animal science.

    • Social/Behavioral Science Coursework
      Students must complete at least one 3 - 5 credit course in the social and behavioral sciences. Acceptable courses are at the 100-level or above in the areas of Psychology, Educational Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, or Public Health.

    • Physical Science Coursework
      Students must complete at least one 3 - 5 credit physical science course in either Physics or Chemistry. The course does not need a lab component. Acceptable courses are at the 100-level or above. We recommend PHYS 107, PHYS 110, or CHEM 110.

Courses used to fulfill these out-of-department requirements must have the following attributes:

  • They must be taken outside the Speech & Hearing Sciences department
  • They must appear by name and number on your official college transcript with a final grade
  • They must be taken for a numerical grade
  • Students must achieve a grade of at least 2.0

In lieu of specific courses, these requirements may also be satisfied by Advanced Placement credit or International Baccalaureate credit. However, students must have transcript record of these credits. CLEP or DSST examinations for credit are NOT accepted for these requirements.