Core Speech-Language Pathology Program
Clinical Practica & Internships

Below are the clinical coursework requirements for the Core Speech-Language Pathology program. CoreSLP students must complete all required clinical practicum courses in order to obtain the necessary clinical clock hours required for ASHA certification. Each student will receive a customized clinical practicum schedule during Winter quarter of year 1 which guides registration throughout their program. The emphasis path chosen by each student determines his/her practicum plan and scheduling.

Students are required to track and document their clinical clock hours via our online Typhon system and will receive written evaluations for every practicum completed that will be submitted to the department for inclusion in their academic record.

UW Clinical Practica

Most practica are completed in the UW Speech & Hearing Clinic (UWSHC), and students also complete one clinical rotation at the UW Center on Human Development and Disability (CHDD). Students are required to track and document their clinical clock hours in our online system (Typhon Allied Health Student Tracking System) and will receive formal, written evaluations for every practicum completed that will be submitted to the department for inclusion in their academic file.

Practica #
Name of Practica
Pediatric Speech-Language Evaluation I (PSLE) – UWSHC
Pediatric Speech-Language Evaluation II – UW Center for Human Development and Disability (CHDD)
552A, BI, BII
Pediatric Articulation/Language Treatment I , II, III
Pediatric Articulation/Language Treatment* (practicum for pediatric emphasis path)
552FI & FII
Management of Adult Neuro / Speech-Language I & II
Management of Adult Neuro / Speech-Language* (practicum for pediatric emphasis path)
Management of Stuttering
Management of Voice
601 or 602
Internship (non-School) or Internship (School)
491 or 591C
Audiology Practicum (Screenings in schools) or Aural Rehabilitation

*Students will complete either 552BII or 552D according to their interests/emphasis path.

Community-Based Internship

As part of their clinical requirements, students will complete a part-time pre-internship and a culminating, full-time internship in a community facility. The scheduling and assignment of the internships are based on the student’s selected emphasis path. Students may be placed in a public school internship or in a non-school, community-based clinic or hospital internship. If prospective students wish to complete internships in acute care/inpatient medical facilities, they should consider applying to the Medical Speech-Language Pathology program where students get preference for these opportunities.

The pre-internship/internship experience occurs in either Winter and Spring or in Spring and Summer quarters of the second year. If students complete an internship during the Spring Quarter, they must return in Summer Quarter to complete required clinical practica at the UW Speech & Hearing Clinic. These summer practica cannot be waived and students are expected to be available throughout the entire Summer Quarter.

The Department of Speech & Hearing Sciences holds affiliation agreements with over 250 clinical facilities throughout Western Washington and the nation that provide speech-language pathology services across the life span. These affiliation agreements formalize our clinical education partnerships with community-based training sites that have agreed to partner with the University to provide clinical learning experiences for our graduate students. Students have the opportunity to complete internships both inside and outside the state of Washington.

When not in the UW Speech & Hearing Clinic, students are expected to provide their own transportation to and from all assigned practicum placements. Many, but not all, facilities are served by public transportation. In addition, given that some facilities provide weekend speech-language pathology services, some students may be required to be onsite during weekends as part of their practicum assignment.