Undergraduate Transfer Students
How to Apply

All transfer students should closely review the Transfer Student information on the University of Washington (UW) Office of Admissions website. Acceptance into the Speech and Hearing Sciences (SPHSC) Major is contingent upon acceptance into the UW. All transfer students interested in applying to the Speech and Hearing Sciences (SPHSC) major must apply simultaneously to both UW Admissions AND the SPHSC Department by the established UW application deadlines.

Application Deadlines

Transfer Students can only be admitted to the UW and the SPHSC major during Autumn and Winter quarters.

  • The UW does not admit Transfer Students during Spring quarter
  • The SPHSC Department does not admit students into the SPHSC major during Summer quarter.

Please review the UW Office of Admissions website for the most accurate UW Admissions deadlines. Both applications are due to UW Admissions and the SPHSC Department by these published deadlines.

Timing Your Application

The SPHSC major is completed over six quarters, typically beginning Autumn quarter of a student’s Junior year. Transfer students are strongly encouraged to time their UW Transfer Applications so they can apply to both the UW and the SPHSC major in time for an Autumn quarter start. While we do accept applications to begin the major in Winter quarter, any students initiating the major later than Autumn quarter of Junior year will likely extend their program of study.

Eligibility Requirements for the SPHSC Major

Admission to the SPHSC major is competitive. Eligible applicants are required to provide evidence of:

  • Completion of a minimum of 60 credits
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50

Please note that demonstration of the minimum GPA guarantees consideration, but not admission into the major.

Additionally, competitive applicants to the SPHSC major should also provide:

  • A compelling personal statement which provides evidence of a commitment to entering the major (e.g., prior SPHSC coursework, relevant research, volunteer or observation experience, applicable personal experience, etc.)

Application Materials & Submission Process

Transfer students intending to apply to the SPHSC major must complete simultaneous applications to both UW Admissions AND the SPHSC Department. Applicants should review the UW transfer deadlines closely.

Applicants will complete the following steps:

  1. Apply to UW Office of Admissions. Submit a UW Application for Undergraduate Transfer Admission packet. This application can be submitted electronically or downloaded for paper submission. A complete application will contain the following:
    • Completed and signed application form
    • Academic Planning Worksheet*
    • Official high school transcript
    • One official transcript from each college or university attended  
    • SAT or ACT tests sent directly from the testing agency IF the applicant has fewer than 40 transferable credits  
    • $60 nonrefundable application fee

      *Transfer students will download and complete the UW Academic Planning Worksheet for the SPHSC major. If accepted into the major, students will use this document when meeting with their advisor to plan their program of study.
  2. Apply to the SPHSC Major. Submit an SPHSC Departmental Application packet. Please note that this application cannot be submitted electronically. Applicants must download and submit a hard copy to the department at the same time they submit their UW Transfer Application. A complete application will contain the following:

    • Completed and signed application form
    • Personal Statement, limited to 250 words - double spaced, with a 10-12 point font.   
    • Unofficial transcripts from each college or university attended
    Applications must be submitted to the following address by 5:00 p.m. on the established deadlines.

            University of Washington
            Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences
            ATTN: Undergraduate Advisor
            Eagleson Hall
            1417 N.E. 42nd St.
            Seattle, WA 98105-6246

Other Important Information

All SPHSC students must fulfill the UW College of Arts and Sciences graduation requirements which include requirements related to scholarship, total credits, and general education coursework. The Requirement Worksheet provides a 1 page summary of all these requirements.

If you are currently a SENIOR

If you are thinking about starting, adding or switching to this major/degree and you are a Senior (in credits), your program of study at the UW will be extended by 6 quarters.

  • There is no way to fast track our major. It takes two years to complete, even if you have nothing but SPHSC courses to take. Courses must be taken in a certain sequence with certain prerequisites and almost all courses are only offered once a year.

If you are currently a JUNIOR

  • If you missed the deadline during your Sophomore year for an Autumn quarter start, the earliest you can start the major is Winter quarter.
  • Juniors starting the major in Winter quarter may be able to catch up and graduate on time if they enroll Summer quarter. Otherwise, any late starting Juniors should anticipate a delayed graduation.