Undergraduate Transfer Students

Acceptance into the SPHSC Major is contingent upon acceptance into the UW. Be sure to review all UW Transfer Student Admission Requirements.

All prospective majors must apply to both UW Admissions AND to the SPHSC Department.

UW Admissions Application

SPHSC Department Application

Prerequisites for SPHSC Major

There are no prerequisite or required courses to apply to the SPHSC major but there is suggested coursework.

Suggested Coursework

It is recommended that students complete PSYCH 101 or 102; Biology 118 (human anatomy and physiology); a course in abnormal psychology and a course in developmental psychology; college mathematics (Math 107, 120 or 144 or higher)and a physical science course (Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics, and Geology are all physical sciences).

Other suggestions for elective courses: linguistics, physiology, neurology, medicine, acoustics, electrical engineering and technology, education, statistics, philosophy, math or computer science, reading/language arts, learning disabilities, child development neurology, gerontology/aging, clinical psych.

UW Requirements

We encourage students to complete most if not all of the UW's general education requirements (including foreign language) prior to becoming a SPHSC major. Detailed information about UW's requirements is available from the UW's website: UW General Education Requirements

Admission Into SPHSC

  • Admission is competitive. The Admissions Committee reviews all applicants based on the following criteria: GPA (minimum 2.50 overall GPA guarantees consideration but not admission)
  • Personal Statement reflecting an interest in and commitment to speech and hearing sciences
  • Other evidence of a commitment to becoming a speech and hearing sciences major

SPHSC Application and Application Deadlines

Please complete both pages of the departmental application, including the Personal Statement.

Staple a copy of all college transcripts (photocopies and unofficial okay) to the application.

Applications are due by 5pm on the third Monday of the quarter preceding the quarter you are seeking admission (Autumn quarter applications are accepted in Spring or Summer).

SPHSC accepts students every quarter but acceptance in a quarter other than Autumn (by Junior Year) may delay graduation. It is recommended that if you decide to continue with this major, that you submit an application by Spring Quarter of your Sophomore Year. If you are accepted you will be declared a major starting Autumn Quarter of your Junior Year.