Seminars in Hearing & Communication Sciences

The Seminars in Hearing and Communication Sciences (SHACS) are a bi-monthly series showcasing the research of faculty members from across the University of Washington campus, as well as the work of invited scientists from other institutions. Invited speakers also visit the laboratories of colleagues on campus and share their expertise with doctoral students. The UW community of scientists and clinicians involved in communication sciences includes many departments, including genetics, physiology, neurobiology and behavior, speech and hearing sciences, psychology, otolaryngology, and rehabilitation medicine.

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Seminars in Hearing and Communications Sciences (SHACS)
Autumn 2015 Schedule

SHACS is held on the following Fridays at 3:30 p.m.

Date Speaker Location
Oct. 2 Maria Chait, PhD, Univeristy College of London
EGL 001
Oct. 16
Richard Wright, PhD, UW Department of Linguistics EGL 001
Oct. 30 Katherine Bouton, Author EGL 001
Nov. 6* Matt Goupell, PhD, Univeristy of Maryland CHD 150
Nov. 20 Peter Rabinowitz, PhD, UW Dept of Environmental & Occupational Sciences CHD 150
Dec. 4 Ileen Schwartz, PhD, UW College of Education
EGL 001
Jan. 15 Letecia Naigles, PhD, University of Connecticut EGL 001
Jan. 22 Audiology Faculty Candidate TBA
Feb. 5 Audiology Faculty Candidate TBA
Feb. 26 Ian Winter, PhD, University of Cambridge CHD 150
Mar. 11 Natalie Douglas, PhD, Central Michigan University EGL 001
Apr. 1 Jim Phillips, PhD, UW Dept of Otolaryngology CHD 150
Apr. 8 Edyth Strand, PhD Formerly, Mayo Clinic EGL 001
Apr. 22 Diane Kendall, PhD, UW Dept of Speech & Hearing Sciences EGL 001
Apr. 29 Nino Ramirez, MD, Seattle Children's Medical Center CHD 150
May 6 David Francis, MD, Vanderbilt University EGL 001
May 20 Neil Segil, PhD, University of Southern California CHD 150
Jun. 3 Joanne Silkes, PhD, UW Dept of Speech & Hearing Sciences EGL 001

*Nov. 6 Lecture to begin at 4pm.