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Lesley B. and Steven G. Olswang Endowed Graduate Student Conference Fund

Lesley Olswang

The Lesley B. and Steven G. Olswang Endowment supports graduate students from the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences to prepare and present original research at national and international conferences. The Olswang fund is to support students’ efforts in developing scholarly materials, and to assist them with travel costs and/or conference registration fees associated with research presentations. Prior to this endowment, funding for this critical aspect of student development was quite limited. Supporting graduate students in presenting research discoveries at national and international conferences is an essential element of students’ academic preparation. This fund was designed to support the Department’s student researchers as they establish themselves as the next generation of influential scholars and clinical professionals. The Graduate Student Conference Fund was established by the Olswangs in appreciation for Lesley’s recognition as the university’s 2005 Marsha L. Landolt Distinguished Graduate Mentor. Dr. Steven Olswang has also been strong advocate for the department in his role as Vice Provost for Academic Affairs at the University of Washington. Steven is currently the Interim Chancellor at the UW-Bothell.

Lesley Olswang, Ph.D., Professor of Speech and Hearing Sciences, is a master teacher whose intellect and wisdom have been cherished and modeled by students in our Department for nearly three decades. Dr. Olswang is the quintessential clinical researcher whose passion and respect for the acquisition of knowledge have improved the quality of life for countless children with communication disorders and their families.

Lesley joined the department in 1978 after receiving her Ph.D. in Speech and Hearing Sciences from the University of Washington. In 1983, Lesley’s innovative, energetic and insightful teaching style garnered the University of Washington’s Distinguished Teaching Award. In 2005, the university again recognized Lesley’s excellence in teaching when she received the Marsha L. Landolt Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award
Lesley is a powerful and influential researcher. She is a Fulbright Scholar, ASHA Fellow and a Research Affiliate of the Center on Human Development and Disability and the Virginia Merrill Bloedel Hearing Center. She has twice won the Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools Editor’s Award for the article of highest merit. In 1995, she and former doctoral student, Dr. Barbara Bain, also won the Editor’s Award for the article of highest merit in the American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology. Lesley has directly and tangibly affected our discipline’s understanding of the treatment process when she edited Treatment Efficacy Research in Communication Disorders (with Cynthia Thompson, Steven Warren and Nancy Minghetti). Her current research interests focus on two cutting-edge issues: development of early signals of communication in infants, and social communication deficits in school-age children.

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