Speech and Hearing Sciences Research

Investigators in the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences conduct cutting-edge research in all facets of communication sciences and disorders. The National Institutes of Health and other funding agencies fund much of this research directly. The Department maintains well-equipped laboratories and provides technical and administrative support. In addition, special research core facilities providing programming and general computer services as well as assistance in human subject recruitment are supported with funding from the National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.

Research training is central to the mission of the Department. Students are involved in research in all programs: Undergraduate students participate in independent study or Honors Thesis, while M.S. and Au.D. students complete Master’s thesis research or Au.D. research projects. Ph.D. students transition from supervised research with their mentors to independent research, and postdoctoral fellows collaborate with their mentors as they develop independent research programs.

Faculty and students in the Department also collaborate with colleagues around campus in a variety of research projects. Collaborators include members of the Departments of Rehabilitation Medicine, Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, Electrical Engineering, and Psychology.