Research Labs

Aphasia Research Lab
      -- Lauren Bislick, Ph.D.
      -- Rebecca Hunting Pompon, Ph.D.
      -- Diane Kendall, Ph.D.
      -- JoAnn Silkes, Ph.D.

Auditory Brain and Behavior Laboratory
      -- Kelly Tremblay, Ph.D.

Auditory Brain Sciences, Neuroengineering
      -- Adrian KC Lee, ScD

Autism Laboratory
      -- Annette Estes, Ph.D.

Child Language Research Lab
      -- Truman Coggins, Ph.D.,
      -- Patricia Dowden, Ph.D.,
      -- Lesley Olswang, Ph.D.
      -- John C. Thorne, Ph.D.
      -- Amy Pace, Ph.D.

Cochlear Implant Psychophysics Lab
      -- Julie Bierer, Ph.D.

Infant Hearing Lab
      -- Lynne Werner, Ph.D.

Institute for Learning and Brain Science
      -- Patricia Kuhl, Ph.D.

Laboratory for Speech Physiology and Motor Control
      -- Ludo Max, Ph.D.

Motor Speech and Cognitive Disorders Lab
      -- Kristie Spencer, Ph.D.

Neurodevelopmental Disorders Language and Learning Lab
      -- Sara Kover, Ph.D.

Speech Perception & Amplification Lab
      -- Christi Miller, Ph.D.

Vocal Function Lab
      -- Tanya Eadie, Ph.D.