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Welcome to the Center for Spanish Studies at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA.

This center is a joint project carried out by the University of Washington, the Education Office of the Embassy of Spain, and the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. Our mission is to promote the study of the Spanish Language and the appreciation and understanding of the cultures that use this language as a means of expression. We invite all schools, teachers, administrators, parents, students and members of the community, at all educational levels, to take part in the Center's programs and activities.

What are our objectives?

Board of Directors

Ana García de Jalón, (206) 221-6571

Ana Gomez-Bravo, Ph.D., (206) 543-2020

María Gillman, (206) 543-6208

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History of the Center for Spanish Studies

The Center for Spanish Studies was established in 1998, sponsored by the Division of Spanish and Portuguese of the University of Washington. The Center for Spanish Studies was organized by Mrs. Paloma Borreguero, who has collaborated with the Spanish Education Advisors sent by the Spanish Ministry of Education: Mr. Eduardo Tobar, Mr. Marcos García Pascua, and Dr. Josefa Báez Ramos.

Professor María Gillman, from the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Washington, now acts as liaison between the University of Washington and the Center for Spanish Studies.

We recognize all of these people for their work and thank them for their continuing enthusiasm.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who may use the services offered by the Center for Spanish Studies?

Anyone interested in learning about Hispanic cultures and the Spanish language.

2. What services and activities does the Center for Spanish Studies offer?

We lend books, DVDs and videos, audiobooks, and music, and we offer free teaching workshops, lectures, informal gatherings to practice Spanish (tertulias), language or cultural consulting, resources for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language, circulation of news relating to the Hispanic community of Washington through the Center’s mailing list, information about job offers and Spanish language education courses, announcement of many different student competitions in the state of Washington, such as the literary contest “Escribo en español,” aimed at Spanish students in High School, and other programs aimed at students in Elementary and Middle School.

3. How can one join the mailing list?

By sending a message to and asking to be added to the Center’s mailing list.

4. Are the Center’s activities only conducted in Seattle?

No. If you are interested in having the Center for Spanish Studies organize a workshop in your school or district, contact the director of the Center, Eva González-Abad at

5. Are those who live outside of Seattle able to borrow material from the Center for Spanish Studies?

Yes, by filling out the Material Request Form available on this website and sending it to the Center. The materials will be sent by mail, and the postage will be paid by the person who borrows the material.

6. Does the Center for Spanish Studies give Spanish language classes?

No, the Center for Spanish Studies is not a teaching center, but rather a resource center available for those interested in Hispanic culture.


“On behalf of my students, and also myself, I wish to sincerely thank you for your commendable and persistent effort to ensure that this event turned out well. The ceremony has been very meaningful for all those who attended. The contest “Escribo en español” is a great incentive for Spanish-speaking students to show their great love for the Spanish language and culture. We hope we are able to keep participating in similar activities in the future.”

Jorge Rodríguez
Davis High School, Yakima WA

“Many thanks for all of your work, and I hope to see you the coming school year in September. Thanks for working with all of the teachers in Washington, and thanks to the UW and also the Embassy of Spain for your support.”

"More, more, more. Thank you for all the work that went into organizing today’s event. I always leave these workshops inspired, "fed" and eager to share what I’ve learned".

Ana Miller
Renton High School, Renton, WA

Last updated January 28, 2015