Thank you to everyone who attended!

Symposium on Systems Analysis in Forest Resources
August 27-30, 2017


Sándor Tóth
Symposium Chair
University of Washington

I am honored to welcome you to the beautiful Pacific Northwest for the 17th Symposium for Systems Analysis in Forest Resources. As the conference chair and on behalf of our sponsors, I would like to thank you for choosing our Symposium to be your late summer destination for professional exchange. We are proud to have over 100 participants from 23 countries. Every continent is represented except Antarctica! We are scheduled to have 5 keynote and 89 standard presentations arranged in 4 parallel sessions, plus a field trip to the Olympic Peninsula. Our special purpose with this Symposium is to connect remote sensing scientists with operations researchers where their respective research could complement and inform the other in a meaningful way. Forest and natural resources are under increasing pressure to provide a variety of services, some of which are in conflict. Operations research tools can optimize the join production of these services but the models are just as good as the descriptive and predictive data that parameterize them. Can we benefit from learning about the questions the two groups investigate, the respective assumptions they make and the techniques they employ? I believe we can. Lastly, I would like to extend our special thanks to our sponsors, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development Co-operative Research Programme on Biological Resource Management for Sustainable Agricultural Systems, the European Union’s H2020 Research and Innovation Programme (SuFoRun), the Washington State of Department of Natural Resources and the US Bureau of Land Management. Finally, many thanks to the Scientific Committee for the abstract evaluations, we appreciate your work which shaped the wide-ranging and engaging scientific program at this meeting. We all look forward to seeing you and your work in Suquamish!

L. Monika Moskal
Director, Precision Forestry Cooperative
School of Environmental &
Forest Sciences
University of Washington

It is my pleasure to welcome you all on behalf of the University of Washington’s School of Environmental and Forest Sciences and the Precision Forestry Cooperative. We are happy you can join us here in this place naturally striking and resource rich, at a time when revolutionary changes in geospatial technology, including remote sensing and geoinformatics are at the forefront of sustainable decision making. From daily high-resolution views of our world to unmanned aerial systems-based three dimensional models of our landscapes, and temporal snapshots of the globe going back decades we are data rich. Yet, we often lack the ability to extract optimal information from these data to parameterize our models and optimize forest and natural resource services. An opportunity presents itself in front of us to address this issue by drawing on the best toolsets from our respective disciplines. Similarly, to the abundance of the data we can now work with, we came to this meeting with diverse knowledge and infinite ideas that will hopefully ignite purposeful and exciting collaborations for many years to come. We wish you a productive meeting and look forward to interacting with you and listening to your ideas.


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