SSAFR 2017 Special Issue

SSAFR 2017 Special Issue

Note: The custom submission option is now available. 

New information: The publishers have requested that we poll authors to get a count of the expected number of special issue submissions and the approximate page count of those submissions. Please email and indicate “Yes” if you plan to submit and add an approximate page count.

Approximately thirteen manuscripts contributed to SSAFR 2017 will be included in an August or November 2018 special issue of Forest Science (published by the Society of American Foresters).

Articles deemed suitable for publication by the referees and editors shall be published outside the Special Issue if the Special Issue capacity is exceeded unless otherwise indicated by the author.

If you wish your paper to be considered for publication in this special issue, please submit your manuscript to the Journal’s Editorial Manager at by December 31, 2017. Under “Article Type”, select “Systems Analysis in Forest Resources (By Invitation ONLY).” 

The Submission Guidelines are available at . Please limit the length of your manuscript to 6,300 words and to 9 tables + figures combined. There is no limit on the number of references. All manuscripts will go through rigorous peer review.

Note from publisher: The configuration requirements for this article type are set up to match the requirements for research papers; if you intend to submit introduction materials, please use this manuscript category and force in any required elements (eg, if it calls for a management and implications section, but one is not warranted, please force something in just to bypass the system’s requirements).