Intergroup Dialogue, Education and Action (IDEA) Center
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Founding Principles

The Center is guided by its deep commitment to building alliances across differences for personal and social change. It advances the following principles:

Intergroup dialogue...

is a viable and transformative means of engaging across differences, especially when these differences are marked by both culture and power. Our ways of communicating and relating often replicate the same oppressive dynamics that are both the content of our deliberations and the targets of change.


signifies our commitment to the learning and unlearning processes necessary in confronting oppression and injustices. Learning new information and skills, as well as unlearning socialized and prejudiced ways of being in the world, helps expand participants' capacity for critical consciousness about the impact of multiple levels of oppression and privilege in their lives, and agency to impact upon those forces.


refers to our belief that deep engagement in the intergroup dialogue and education processes can motivate and build participants capacity for becoming change agents. For social work practitioners, this means developing knowledge, attitudes, passion, commitment and skills to work with a diverse clientele and promote greater social justice.

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All education is a continuous dialogue - questions and answers that pursue every problem to the horizon.  Justice William O. Douglas.