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IDEA Professional Institutes

Intergroup dialogue and team building.

Title II-Teacher Quality Enhancement Project, Union, Washington, August 2001.

Intergroup Dialogue: Weaving the basket of community and justice.

The 3rd Annual REACH National Symposium for Trainers, REACH Center for Multicultural/Global Education, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 2001.

Pedagogy of Intergroup Dialogue.

Cultural Pluralism Institute, Seattle, Washington. August 1998.

Pedagogy for Difficult Dialogues about Race.

Seattle Coalition for Educational Equity (SCEE) Institute, Seattle, Washington. August 1997.

Intergroup Dialogue:  Engaging Difference, Identity and Conflict in the Classroom

South-East Asian Pluralism Difficult Dialogues project

Multi-University Intergroup Dialogue Institute

Ann Arbor, Michigan. July 2008.