Russian Teacher Resources

Preparing Russian Teachers for the 21st Century

July 11-22, 2011 at the University of Washington Language Learning Center in Denny Hall.

These are the resources shared by Dr. Yaden during the course. We are pleased to make them available for teachers of any language.

1. Daily PowerPoint Presentations

2. Technology Tools for Language Learning and Teaching

3. How to use maximum amount of target language

4. Standards and assessments

5. Connections: STEM and Drama

6. Backward design for lesson, unit, and curriculum planning

7. Heritage learners and differentiated instruction

8. Advocacy and continued professional development

9. West-E Designated World Language Preparation Materials

10. History of World Language Teaching in the US

11. LinguaFolio and LinguaFolio Online

12. Competency-Based Credits in World Languages

  • The OSPI World Languages program is eager to work with districts that are interested in adopting/adapting the model policy and procedure in their districts. We can also assist in arranging appropriate testing sites. Questions? Email

For more details, read:

13. Example Lesson Plans from Teachers in the Program

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