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Targeting endocannabinoid (eCB) signaling for therapeutic benefitĀ 

Dr. Stella has been studying the therapeutic value of cannabinoid-based drugs for the treatment of various diseases for the past 20 years. To better understand both the mechanism of action of cannabinoid-based drugs, as well as the biological function of the eCB signaling system under healthy and disease conditions, the Stella laboratory leverages pharmacological and genetic approaches applied at the molecular, cellular and systemslevels.

Over the years, the Stella laboratory developed expertise in neuroscience, immunology and cancer biology, as well as in drug discovery, drug target identification and validation, and preclinical studies. The technical expertise spans from analytical chemistry (GC-MS and LC-MS), pharmacology (pharmacodynamics and target validation), biochemistry (signaling and metabolic activities), molecular biology (forward and reverse genetics), cell biology (live cell imaging), immunohistochemistry, molecular imaging, pharmacokinetics, experimental toxicology, and behavior analysis.

Since starting the Stella laboratory at the University of Washington in 1999, we have mentored 9 graduate students and 8 post-doctoral fellows and have held continuous NIH funding.

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Updated 9/20/2017