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Stella Lab Picture

August 2010 Celebrating Will’s Nature Neuroscience Paper Being Publishe

March 2010 Snow Day at Stevens Pass

February 2009 Celebrating Two PLoS Papers Being Published

December 2009 Christmas Party at Nephi and Sonja’s Home

January 2008 Ski Day at Stevens Pass

November 2007 Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting in San Diego

August 2007 Pool Party

August 2007 Celebrating Tanya’s Thesis Defense

July 2007 Barbecue at Nephi’s

Summer 2007 Outing

May 2007 – CB2 Cannabinoid Receptors Meeting, Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada

December 2006 – Christmas Party at Nephi and Sonja’s Home

October 2006 - Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting in Atlanta

February 2006 – Yu Cheng’s Retirement Party

December 2005 – Christmas Party at Michelle’s Hous

December 2004 – Christmas Party at Nephi and Sonja’s Hom

June 2004 – Celebration after Lisa’s Defense

March 2004 – Barry and Katia’s Housewarming

March 2004 - Anke and Patrick’s Housewarming

February 2004 - Stevens Pass Ski Trip

January 2004 - Celebrating Anke's PNAS Paper

December 2003 - Christmas Party at Nephi's House

November 2003 - Neuroscience Conference in New Orleans

September 2003 - Euroglia Conference in Berlin

August 2003 - Pool Party

July 2003 - Celebrating Allyn Franklin's European Journal of Pharmacology Pape

June 2003 - Celebrating Allyn Franklin's Journal of Neuroscience Paper

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