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We are a group of students from the University of Washington in Seattle, initiating a collaborative study of the street paper movement. We represent a wide range of disciplines from Social Work to Communications to Environmental Science. Working with the Comparative History of Ideas Program, the Honors Department, and NASNA chairman Tim Harris, our goal is to look at street papers from an academic standpoint and analyze various models in relation to their local contexts.

We are conducting the first global survey of the street paper movement, with the support of NASNA and the INSP. We have asked member papers from both organizing bodies to participate in the study. Using these data, we plan to synthesize our research and provide an accessible resource to the global street paper movement. We hope that this effort will foster a lasting relationship between the academic and street paper communities.

NASNA / INSP members: Please go to the Research page to fill out our survey.

What you will find on this site:

  • Information about us and our interest in this subject.
  • A summary of our research thus far.
  • A list of resources: websites, readings, and speeches relating to the street paper movement.
  • How to contact us for more information on the project.