First Things First

6wks Six weeks prior to your rotation start date, email the following information to ALL individuals listed by your respective site to ensure that hospital privileges will be ready when you arrive.

  • Contact the site corrdinator for your rotation location
Billings, MT
(additional instructions)
Suzie Thomas
Boise, ID
(additional instructions)
Linda Clark
Caldwell, ID
(additional instructions)
Carol Lunt
Casper, WY
(additional instructions)
Janis Black
Evie Franke
Fairbanks, AK Meghan Festa
Dr. Timothy Teslow
(additional instructions)
Karyn Crow
Kalispell, MT
(additional instructions)
Roni Shenefelt
Amy Sterchi
(additional instructions)
Julie Krzmarzick julie.k.krzmarzick@mail.mill
Missoula, MT
(additional instructions)
Liz Kelsey
Sheridan, WY
(additional instructions)
Christy Allen
Megan Hendrickson
Spokane, WA
(additional instructions)
Janie Ford
Holly Maxey
(additional instructions)
Kathryn Jansen
VAMC, Seattle
(additional instructions)
Julie Ramirez
Virginia Mason
(additional instructions)
Jennifer Bernstein
Wenatchee, WA
(additional instructions)
Jennifer Bratt

*UW & HMC students must have IRIS/MINDscape access. Contact UW Medicine IT Services at 206.543.7012 to obtain your login and password.

Work Hours Policy

The goals of the medical students and the faculty of the School of Medicine are one and the same: to get the best medical education possible while not ignoring overall health and happiness. Attention needs to be paid to both duty/work hours and personal time.

Work hours rules have been developed for residents, but similar rules have not been developed for medical students. There are obvious differences in terms of goals, reimbursement, and responsibilities between residents and students. Nonetheless, some guidelines for students apply.