Grade Policy

The final grade will be composed from the clinical evaluation, worth 60 total points (minimum 12 points possible), and the examination, worth up to 40 points, for a total of 100 points.

The clinical grade will be calculated based upon adding each of the 1-5 point ratings on the 12 items on the evaluation form used for the clerkship. This evaluation is a consensus grade from the faculty and residents, if applicable, at the clerkship site at which the student is rotating, and incorporates the work done on the History and Physical write-ups and the Literature Review.

The examination is a 100-question multiple choice examination, wherein the percentage correct is equal to the number of questions answered correctly. That number will be multiplied by a factor of 0.4 to generate a possible total of 40 points.

The final grade will be assigned according to the following point cut-offs (based on historical data from the clerkship):

  • Honors = 88 or above
  • High pass = 83-87
  • Pass = 66-82
  • Fail = 65 or below
Work Hours Policy

The goals of the medical students and the faculty of the School of Medicine are one and the same: to get the best medical education possible while not ignoring overall health and happiness. Attention needs to be paid to both duty/work hours and personal time.

Work hours rules have been developed for residents, but similar rules have not been developed for medical students. There are obvious differences in terms of goals, reimbursement, and responsibilities between residents and students. Nonetheless, some guidelines for students apply.